What are pre and probiotics? 

The gut is lined with over 1000 species of bacteria that play a much greater role in our overall health than you might expect. This complex ecosystem of bacteria forms what is known as our gut microbiome and the healthier we can keep our microbiome, the healthier we are likely to keep ourselves. Let’s look a little more closely on how to maintain a healthy gut and at pre and probiotics…

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How much protein do we really need? 

Protein is essential for brain health, muscle development, energy production and more! Our bones, muscles, blood vessels, skin, hair, nails and organs are all made up of protein, so we certainly can’t live without it as a major part of our diet.  But how much is too much? 

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Jennifer Love
What are FODMAPS?

FODMAPs are found in a number of foods that we commonly eat, such as legumes, vegetables, fruit, dairy and even wheat. The low FODMAP diet is a safe, evidence-based and Dietitian approved diet that can assist in reducing gut symptoms and identify specific trigger foods for each individual. The diet has been shown to reduce symptoms by up to 75% in some people! Want to learn more about FodMaps, read this article!

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