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What is Dietetics at Illari Health?

Accredited Practicing Dietitians are registered health professionals who can assist people to translate scientifically relevant nutritional information to their own lives and circumstances. This helps to establish healthy eating patterns that nourish the body and mind.

We focus on disease prevention and health optimisation through evidence-based dietary guidance. Dietitians can assist in the management of a range of acute and chronic health conditions such as diabetes, gastrointestinal disease, heart disease, overweight or obesity, renal disease and food allergies. Dietitians are the only allied health professionals recognised by Medicare to provide medical nutrition therapy.

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How does it work?

Dietetic therapy not only focuses on nutrition, but also addresses concerns about body image, weight, physical activity and thought patterns that may be preventing people from living a healthy, balanced life. The focus for our practice is to offer guidance that is both preventative and management based, in order to allow an individual to achieve their best health through nutrition.

As one of the most influential factors on health, evidence-based, practical, dietary education has the potential to completely transform a person’s life.Using food as medicine, Dietitians offer evidence-based, therapeutic dietary advice and practical skills to improve overall wellbeing.

Who can it help?

A Dietetics consultation can assist anyone who is seeking to improve their health through dietary and lifestyle changes, supporting people to build a healthy relationship with food. A Dietitian can be vital in the management of a range of acute or chronic health conditions such as high cholesterol, hypertension, obesity, diabetes, IBS or other digestive issues, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis, autoimmune conditions etc.

Clients may be eligible to claim rebates for Dietetic consultation if they have a referral for an Chronic Disease Management Plan from their Doctor or Private Health Insurance that includes Dietetics as part of their extras cover.

What can I expect
during my appointment?

An initial Dietetics consultation involves a comprehensive health review including a discussion about the presenting condition(s), relevant body systems, medical history, diet and lifestyle, as well as physical examinations such as blood pressure, height, weight and waist to hip ratio (if applicable).

Follow-up pathology testing may also be required.

Once all the required information has been gathered, a treatment protocol addressing all aspects of the individual’s health will be formulated.

Meet your Dietitian -  

Esther Rijk

"I am passionate about supporting individuals to feel great, reach their personal health goals and develop a healthy relationship with food, without restriction. Utilising education, dietary intervention and herbal medicine, I strive to implement sustainable, realistic and client-centered changes that can be maintained long after our consultations end."

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