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Dr Kevin Ha

“My vision is to help people understand why they are in pain or suffering and work alongside them to help them explore and treat the underlying cause of their discomfort. I believe that stress is a major contributing factor to pain, especially in chronic pain.”

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I hold a Bachelor of Osteopathy from RMIT University and I always had an interest in helping people.

I first discovered osteopathy later into in my adult life and instantly fell in love with its holistic approach to health. I always had a passion for health, so it led me to further studies that enabled me to help others. I love the holistic philosophy that osteopathy takes (treating the whole person)- mind, body and emotions.

I believe I have the patience and skills to work alongside my patients in helping them heal from their chronic pain and achieve a better quality of life. I treat mainly structurally including but not limited to; high velocity low amplitude (HVLA) techniques, soft tissue techniques, stretches and exercise. Education is also a big part of my treatment plan in order to help the patient understand why they are in pain and what they can do about it.

In my spare time, I enjoy going for a walk in nature, sitting somewhere near the ocean, reading non-fiction books (science & health), meditating and doing karate for physical exercise.