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Dr Melissa Halton

"I love how Osteopathy looks at all aspects of the human body and mind, and how it is a gentle and caring practice. It allows us to help reduce pain and also increase quality of life."

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I hold a Bachelor of Health Science/Bachelor of Applied Science (Osteopathy).

I was drawn to Osteopathy when I started experiencing aches and pains from my daily activities and my sporting commitments. I liked how Osteopathy uses a holistic approach and looks at the whole body when figuring out the cause of pain and when treating pain. This aspect really drew me to Osteopathy as I believe we need to look at health in a multidimensional way.

I truely value honesty, kindness and joy and apply it in my practice. Which, as well as use of structural, functional and counterstrain treatment techniques allows me to help patients understand aspects of their health and to effectively and respectfully communicate.

In my spare time I enjoy relaxing at home, practicing yoga, meditation or going for a walk.