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Dr Tiffany Lim

"I love to build long lasting relationships with people. There are so many different methods to treat pain and injury, so by understanding the person in front of me it allows me create, educate and tailor treatment plans that can assist every unique injury that I see. I truly believe that being able to educate people and give them the tools they need to have an effect on their health outside of the treatment room is foundational in longer lasting health."

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I have always had a love of science, health and the combination of both. I have found that this combination has led me to my fascination with how the body works and moves as well as how it can compensate with injury. I find the body is intriguing in that there are many aspects to the patient’s pain, and more importantly how you can treat different areas of the body in order to influence the site of pain. With this foundation, what led me to becoming an Osteopath was the nature of the profession and how it provides me with an opportunity to create a relationship with my patients. Within the treatment room I like to use a range of techniques that originate from a structural approach. These techniques can include but are not limited to soft tissue techniques, articulations and muscle energy techniques and I also have an interest in counterstrain techniques. What I am passionate about is being able to educate and provide the tools that my patients can use in order to have an effect on their health outside of the treatment room.

When I need my own space and time to unwind I love doing puzzles (jigsaws and sudokus) and reading, exploring the outdoors, whether it is hiking, snowboarding or walking my dog and travelling overseas to experience different cultures and cuisines.