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Dr Marcus Hopkins

"I am dedicated to treating each and every one of my patients with respect and care. I believe that health is achieved differently for every individual. My aim is to design and tailor a program for each patient so they can achieve optimal health and be their best self"

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I graduated from Victoria University with a Bachelor of Clinical Sciences and Masters degree in Osteopathy. I have a passion for helping people reach their full potential, through hands on treatment and movement. My approach to Osteopathy is to tailor the treatment to the individual and build strong lasting relationships with my patients. I aim not just to treat the symptoms of the pain, but to find the cause and design a suitable and effective treatment plan.

When treating, I use many different techniques including, soft tissue massage, articulation, HVLA, dry needling and indirect techniques. I enjoy treating muscle-skeletal injuries, especially in regards to sporting injuries, of all age groups. Growing up I played a lot of sports including basketball, rugby and football and still am an avid sports lover. I have sustained many injuries myself, including a lumbar disc bulge, PCL tear in the knee and Osgood-Shlatters disease (knee pain) as an adolescent. These injuries have shaped my passion for rehabilitation and rebuilding confidence in one’s body.

In 2023, I took some time away from my career and Osteopathy and travelled the world for over 10 months. With my partner, we explored 30 countries and made lifelong memories. During my travels, I came to really appreciate how amazing the human body is, and how important it is to be active and strong. I want all my clients to be the best version of themselves and to have no barriers to what they can achieve.

Dr. Marcus Hopkins is currently available for appointments on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursday mornings.