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Dr Nicholas Ohlson

"I want to be able connect with my patients and really understand their goals/intentions. I hope to empower and educate my patients so that the benefits on their health may be felt long after the initial appointment. I am a firm believer in multidisciplinary care and aim to explore all avenues that may benefit my patients wellbeing."

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After moving to Melbourne and spending the next 10 years performing as a musician, my love of science and health drew me back to the study of Osteopathy. Having experienced the positive effects of osteopathic treatment, when managing various injuries associated with my passion for martial arts, I embraced the osteopathic tenants and its holistic nature. I gained a Bachelor of Health Science / Bachelor of Applied Science (Osteopathy) at RMIT university.

I love the holistic approach of Osteopathy, the manner in which we look for the causative factors and treat not just the affected area. Drawing on the osteopathic paradigm of body, mind and spirit ensures that we are considering all factors that may influence our patients wellness.  I mainly use a structural approach with techniques that include high velocity, low amplitude (HVLA), muscle energy techniques, articulations and soft tissue techniques. I have also have a keen interest in functional movement and biomechanics.

I find people have a tendency to overtly identify with their injury or disease state as if it is a representation of themselves as a whole. I hope to be able to educate my patients about their disease process, allowing them to take back some control with their recovery/healing process.

To relax, unwind and enter the flow state I love to practice martial arts (Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Boxing, Muay Thai), yoga and playing bass. I also enjoy travelling, exploring nature, reading, listening to podcasts (clinical reasoning podcast addict) and talking to my cats. Currently, I am consciously making an effort to enjoy/appreciate the little moments in life. Reflecting on thoughts/feelings/experiences that may occur throughout the day and being aware to appreciate them in the moment. Hearing people talk about their passion is also another source of many a smile.