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Are you Experiencing Hand or Wrist Pain?

Did you know that some bones in your hand aren’t directly connected to muscles? They rely on the connection to other bones to create movement. If you have experienced changes to your normal activities you may find yourself experiencing some hand pain.

Here are five ways to help stretch and strengthen your hands:

1. Try massaging between your thumb and pointer finger, you can do this by making an L shape with the affected hand. Use your other hand to grip the area on both sides massaging in circles.

2. Try making on O shape between your thumb and each finger. Have the tip of your thumb and tip of each finger touch to create the letter O. Touch each tip of the finger with your thumb one at a time.

3. Have your hand resting palm down on a table. Slide your thumb away from your fingers along the table. Move each finger one at a time closer to your thumbs. Once you reach your pinky finger, try to reverse the order bringing your fingers back to the starting position.

4. Let's not forget about our wrists. Let's try some wrist curls. Have your palm facing down and make a fist. Start with your wrist in line with your arm. We begin by bending your wrist so that you are bringing your hand toward the ceiling and then returning it to the starting point. Flip your hand and arm over and repeat the exercise so that you can work both sides.

5. To finish let's stretch out our wrists. Have your palms facing the ground bend your hand so that your fingers are pointing down. Repeat this exercise with your fingers pointing to the sky. You may gentle add extra pressure with your opposite hand, be careful not to push too hard.

If any of these exercises aggravate your pain do not continue these exercises. If you are experiencing hand or wrist pain, book in to see us today.

Written by Osteopath Dr Oliva Philips